1. We get together to enjoy the taste of wine, food and good conversation.

2. Drink responsibly.
Wine O'Clock.org is a group to enjoy wine tasting and promote camaraderie, not a drinking club. We are all adults and each of us is responsible for our actions.

3. Enjoy and try to make everyone else feel comfortable and welcome.
While we enjoy intelligent and thought provoking conversations, we ask our members to refrain from political proselytism, religion recruitment and any other life changing topics that are way too serious for this group. We are sure there are other groups were such topics are discussed and welcome.

4. Network responsibly.
We are glad when our members benefit from networking within the group, but as a group, we don't endorse, verify, or take responsibility of the actions of any of our members before, during and after our meetings.

5. If in doubt, refer to rule No.1.
If a member can't follow these simple rules, we reserve the right to respectfully ask that member to stop attending and seek professional help. Quite frankly, the rules are very simple.