There is no initial membership fee at Wine O' There are no monthly fees either. All we ask is that you participate and cover your portion of the tab when we get together, which is usually around $20 depending where we go and if the food is included.

There is no roll call and no minimum attendance required. All we ask is that you confirm your assistance within the time frame listed for each event in our calendar. We like to show up with reservations and we want to make sure that the venue is ready for our group meeting.

Even though there is no agenda for our meetings, we like to talk about the new wines we have recently tried, the restaurants we enjoy or the great finds from our favorite wine stores. If we go to a wine tasting, we let the host run the show, while we enjoy the wine, the food and the company, as we learn and comment on the wine selection of the event.

The love of wine has given us a common interest, the friendship that has developed among our members is the reason why this group keeps on growing, Your attendance and participation is what makes Wine O' one of the most enjoyable social groups you could find in South Florida.